What are the mailbox folders and how do I use them?

When using our services, you can actually set up separate folders for each person and each company who will be receiving mail through your account.

By having different folders, it means you can have different rules for each person.

First, we'll start with adding people to your account.  We ask you to give us the names of all people who will be receiving mail through your account so that we can keep accurate records.

It's also helpful as it means that if mail is sent without your suite number, we still have a chance to identify who the mail is supposed to belong to.  

To add people to your account, click the 'people' link in the drop down menu at the top right of the page when you are logged into your account.

Clicking the above link will bring you to a page where you'll see all people who are listed on your account to receive mail.

If you need to add names, just click the 'Add New Person' link on the right side of the screen.  That will bring up the following window:

Adding a new person is simple.  Simply fill in the fields with the appropriate information.  Only the person who originally signed up for the account should have 'account owner' selected.  Everyone else should be a 'user' (personal accounts will use this most often), an 'employee' (used for business accounts), or an 'agent'.

Once all the above information has been entered, just click 'submit' and you're good to go!  Your next step will be setting up the rules for your mail.

By having individual folders for people, it means you have the freedom to give each person their own unique rules.

For example, one person may have all mail automatically scanned then destroyed, someone else has their mail automatically forwarded to them in New Zealand, and yet another person may have their mail automatically scanned and then forwarded to them in Australia!

If you choose not to set up any rules, your mail will simply come into our system and you'll receive an email to notify you that it has arrived.  You will then need to manually request your mail be scanned, forwarded or destroyed.

Secondly, you want to add your companies to your account if you are a business account holder.

Just click the 'Companies' link on the drop down menu at the top right of the screen.

You'll see all of your companies listed above.  If you need to add a new company, just click the "Add New Company" link on the right hand side.

You'll notice here we give you a choice about creating a new mail folder for your company or not.  If you decide not to create a mail folder, that's fine.  You can still set up rules for mail coming in for that company and have that mail use the same rules as the 'catch all' folder, or one of the people in your account.

Once you have your people and companies set up in your account, if you'd like to make mail processing automatic, you can use the following guides to set up your rules:

Automatic Mail Scanning

Automatic Mail Forwarding


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